Las Vegas Weather In October

Published: 31st March 2008
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Whether your reason for visiting Las Vegas in October is to gamble, to see the PGA Tour, or to party on Halloween, the Las Vegas weather in October can be very pleasant. The typical high temperature in the beginning of the month is 88, but by the time Halloween arrives on the 31st it drops to 73. The normal low takes a similar dip from 63 to a cool 50 by the end of October. Record highs descend from 103 to 86, and record lows from 43 to 26. As usual, the record lows occurred years ago, before development turned Las Vegas into a heat-absorbing city.

In the beginning of the month almost all outdoor activities will be enjoyable, unless you get very unlucky. Golf and tennis will be fun unless there's a strong wind or rain, with wind being the more frequent occurrence. Swimming will still be pleasant, although by this time of year you will want to wait until late morning or early afternoon to swim. Walking and running conditions will be nearly ideal, although you may want to wear a light jacket if the temperature is slightly below normal or the wind is blowing. October is dry, even by Las Vegas standards, so keep the lip balm handy.

Las Vegas weather in October is more mixed in the middle of the month. Swimming isn't a sure thing. Wearing shorts may be hard early in the morning or late in the evening. A jacket will be probably be needed unless you are only going out in the middle of the day, although you will frequently end up carrying the jacket you walked out the door wearing in the morning. Conversely, you may regret not having brought a jacket when you left your hotel in the afternoon and stayed out past sunset. The amount of enjoyment you get from tennis and golf will depend on the wind and the temperature outside.

By the end of the month jackets are more of a necessity. Mid afternoons are still warm, but mornings and evenings are now a little chilly. Kids who are trick-or-treating will complain about the cold, especially kids who are used to warm desert temperatures. Swimming is now hit-or-miss in unheated hotel pools. A windy day will feel cold; a still day will feel warm. Bring more long pants than shorts, although the weather is still nice enough. Walking on the Las Vegas Strip is especially pleasant in the middle of the day.

The author, Mike McDougall, has resided in the Vegas area for over 20 years, and runs Las Vegas Weather .US, a website that looks at Las Vegas weather data by month, including Las Vegas Weather In October.

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